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Advanced Features

Two of the features that makes Architectural Plantation Shutters more advanced than the typical window treatment suppliers is the use of real wood and “waterborne paint technology.” We will never use plastic that resembles wood while our painting technology ensures environment-friendly shutters with zero VOC emissions because of low solvent, nontoxic paint that does not compromise aesthetics and quality. Moreover, you can be assured that the use of this technology prepares us for the day when low VOC regulations will be mandatory. Other advantages of waterborne paint technology include:

our niche

We at Architectural Plantation Shutters have established our niche as the only wood plantation shutter manufacturer that manufactures its products as compared to other window treatment businesses that engage in buy-and-sell from Chinese suppliers.

A few of the distinct differences of Architectural Plantation Shutters include:

American Made

Architectural Plantation Shutters Inc. proudly makes American-made wood plantation shutters of the highest quality. We started our business more than 25 years ago and have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Our products adhere to the strict standards of manufacturing that American-made products are known for worldwide.

Guaranteed Craftsmanship

We guarantee craftsmanship and superior quality because we do everything from design, choosing high quality lumber, to installation right here in our manufacturing shop in Palm City. This means we can oversee every stage of production ensuring that every shutter sold meets world class standards in safety and the prevention of warping. In addition, we can easily and accurately create the wooden shutters of your dream house and match the color that you want.

Member of AWI

We are the only company selling or manufacturing shutters in Florida that is an accredited member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI). AWI provides the global standards in architectural woodwork and have become the authority in the industry. Architectural Plantation Shutters is honored to be a member of this highly reputable organization.

Making Louvers

Sanding and finishing