This word is often used casually - but not by us.

High Manufacturing Standards

We take quality very seriously and stake our reputation and business on the high manufacturing standards we use. Just look at huge gap in the “quality” of other window treatments and Architectural Plantation wooden shutters:
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Aside from ventilation and light, windows play a huge role in improving the appearance of a structure. Our quality window treatments are made from real wood and are incomparable to any other in the market because of the attention to detail and quality that we give to each finished product.

From the choice of lumber to understanding the way wood can be enhanced and protected, Architectural Plantation Shutters puts time and effort into our building process. This ensures that our products can perform trouble-free for years.
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A large arched custom plantation shutter window that has white shutters and a wide trim moulding with hinges on each side


If you were told that quality window treatments are extremely costly, we have to disagree. With Architectural Plantation Shutters, you will be happy with our affordable and beautiful products that all come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Quality does not have to be expensive or difficult to fit into your budget. We always work closely with our customers and each product comes with our guarantee of world class quality. With Architectural Plantation Shutters, you won’t have to worry about keeping your windows open and stressing the shutters or coming home to shutters with bubbles or holes in the paint which is very common with cheap shutters. That cannot occur with our painted finish.

Architectural Plantation Shutters are U.S. made wooden shutters that follow a strict manufacturing protocol. We are extremely proud of our products and have more than 25 years of hard work and experience to support our guarantee.

There’s one compelling reason why America has always been respected by the rest of the world and that’s the quality of American-made products like Architectural Plantation Shutters.