How You Can Afford Plantation Shutters on a Tight Budget

plantation shutters

Wooden plantation shutters still remain the dream choice of many because the advantages far outweigh the initial investment. If you never though you could afford beautiful wood plantation shutters, think again! Here are some creative ways you can increase the value and aesthetics of your home without spending more than what you have.


#1 Decide to get the best type of shutters that will give you great ROI.

This means wooden shutters because they typically last 30 years longer than the PVC shutters. Composite shutters can be cheaper by about $1 per square foot so if you compute based on longevity, you still save with wooden shutters.

#2 Take a close look at your monthly expenses.

One inventive way to do this accurately is to start a digital worksheet and input all your daily expenses just like an accountant would. Label the items according to expense type (meals, fuel, utilities, parking, coffee, supermarket, etc) and at the end of the month, look at your total expenses per category. You might be shocked at how much you spend for non-essentials and impulse shopping. From there you can start disciplining yourself to set aside the money for an investment.

#3 Unless you are an expert DIY jack-of-all-trades, opt for a professional install.

It may cost you a little bit more to get a professional to install your shutters but it will be done right and done fast. The savings you enjoy may not be easily accounted for but your time and effort are definitely worth more than the installation fee. It means you won’t have to skip a day or two of work, you can enjoy your weekend and rest properly before another busy week. You will be more productive doing something you are good at rather than searching for YouTube channels for instructional videos that may not result in a successful install.

#4 Opt for renovations and upgrades that and improve the value of your property.

There are some projects that should be set aside for the simple reason of not being able to improve the value of your property. For instance, instead of investing in a home gym, put the money aside for shutters. In 99% of the time, people who buy home gyms end up junking or selling the machines for a loss down the road. Gym equipment is constantly being upgraded so what you buy today will be old school in six months!

#5 The ultimate plan!

Buy nothing but essentials for six to twelve months! If you can get yourself to not buy anything that is non-essential for a specific time frame, you will be able to raise enough to buy the shutters – cash payment!

An Englishwoman decided to do just this in 2016 and cut all frivolous expenses like coffee (£400!), clothing, drinks, holidays, dessert, gym membership, shoes, and movies. By 2017, she was able to save over £22,000! Surprisingly, she still got to watch the free movies in a nearby park, go on cycling holidays and camping, and became healthier with home-cooked meals! By the end of the year, she also changed and only shopped for essentials and the items that needed to be replaced! It was a liberating experience and she credits the “Buy Nothing Day” that was launched as a protest to Black Friday sales.