Choosing the Right Shutter Colors for Your Home

Color Shutters

When considering the perfect shutter colors for your home, you might be inclined to choose white or black shutters, knowing that they blend in with everything well. White is a particularly popular color, because it can make the windows in your home appear larger. The truth is that choosing a new shutter color is an ideal way to change the look of your home, without having to do a complete, and expensive remodel. The right color choice for your shutters can even increase your home’s value.

Shutters can be used to help the accent colors come to life. Maybe instead of choosing white shutters, cream or light grey would be a better choice for your color scheme. Homes with dark trims, may look best with navy or dark grey shutters. The shutter colors will immediately become part of the accent color scheme of your home, and your options are endless!

Here are some color options for your new shutters, with a description of what they can do for your home:

1. Navy
Choosing navy may be the perfect alternative to black as a way to brighten your home’s accent colors.

White shutters can instantly add brightness to the interior of your home. They are timeless and classic, and complement almost any design style.

Grey can be the perfect choice when you want to stray from white, but still keep clean classic looks to the accents of your room

Light green shutters (when done right) can add tranquility to your home, as long as you have the accents to match.

5.Any color you want!

Do you have another color in mind to match the interior design of your home?  Architectural Plantation Shutters customizes every order to match any sized color you envision to fit any room.

When considering a adding color to your home’s plantation shutters, call Architectural Plantations Shutters today and we’ll talk about all of your design options.