Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters are an investment to increase the value and aesthetics of your home. Truly, plantation shutters have become the perfect window dressing that completes the exterior and interior look. Sadly, many fall prey to the temptation of settling for the most convenient, cheapest, convincing hype – to their dismay when after a few months, the system starts to fall apart.

At Architectural Plantation Shutters, we believe in being upfront about our product. We stand by the integrity of our service, and always honor our commitments. We have “saved” a lot of windows from problematic shutters and helped so many get the quality product they deserve and will last for years.

We also believe in our role of supporting an industry that has been victimized by shoddy workmanship and inferior quality. We have compiled a list of the most costly mistakes to avoid when shopping for shutters.


Mistake #1 Making it About Price

You can find cheap plantation shutters made in a factory in Asia but the money you save initially could end up costing you twice. Most shutters mass produced in Asian factories entered the industry just a few years ago unlike established businesses in the US who have a reputation to protect and guarantee the use of genuine wood material.

In addition, settling for a cheaper price means the shutters are not manufactured with the proper additives that will ensure long life. Expect these mass produced shutters to start to crack as early as 12 months after installation and most definitely show vivid signs of wear and tear after 2 years. The average lifespan of cheaper shutters is only about three years.


Mistake #2 Paying a deposit without a written contract or agreement

With no legal binding document, the supplier or company can take advantage in many ways. One, delayed installation. Two, replacement shutters instead of giving you what you booked for. Three, no warranty on parts or labor. And lastly, charging you hidden fees that will end up costing you the price of better quality shutters.

On the other hand, you may have a contract, but you failed to read the fine print. This will also expose you to financial risks and aggravated frustration over poor quality and service.


Mistake #3 Not checking reviews

It pays to read reviews. Reviews are important because it gives you an idea of what could be the potential loopholes which you can address when you are negotiating with a company.


Mistake # 4 Paying in full up front

It’s always best to be careful when the shutters company demand full payment prior to installation. Unless you completely trust the company, negotiate for better terms such as deposit with balance payable after you approve of the installation. If you are going to give a deposit, best to know the physical office of the shutters business so you can visit them whenever you want before or after installation.