The Future of Plantation Shutters

wood shutters

There are some things in life that will never grow old or become passé – like wooden plantation shutters. Synthetic, aluminum, metal or vinyl window shutters can upgrade the look of the house but it fades in comparison to wooden shutters, especially when you come up close to the windows. This is why no matter what other material is used, the manufacturer will always have the “looks like wood” offer.

If plantation shutters were around in the early 1900s or at least 87 years ago, the chances that they will still be popular in another 87 years is highly likely – even with all the tech advances of this world.

Thinking about the future of wooden plantation shutters, you might expect the following innovations:

Affordable Remote Controlled Wooden Shutters

Right now, remote-controlled window shutters are extremely expensive thus typically reserved for hard-to-reach windows and the ultra rich. The controls can adjust the louvre angles without making a sound. The older remote control had this whirring sound that was okay back in the day but no longer acceptable by today’s standards.

Also, the available remote controls are battery-charged. Maybe one day, they will be solar-charged.

App Controlled Shutters

There are apps that can control the use of window blinds so it is not far-fetched to imagine the same for window shutters. The app which comes with a device is called FlipFlic and works with most existing blind designs. The design is solar-charged and uses Bluetooth technology.

Virtual Windows: LCD Screen embedded Into Your Window

If you can have virtual windows, you can have wooden shutters to shut the digital world off once in a while. As you may be aware of, smart appliances and innovations tend to have “spy features.” With wooden plantation shutters, you will be able to control your privacy in more ways than one, should you ever decide to get a virtual window.

Available Right Now

The plantation shutters that are now available in the market can be custom-fitted to perfectly match your existing windows. Of course, you will have to order them from a reputable and professional window treatment supplier like Architectural Plantation Shutters. You cannot buy from your local hardware because these are generic and rarely a perfect fit.

The beauty of what is available today is the variety in shapes, designs, and options for wooden shutters. You can have an unusual-sized window or windows way up high – and it won’t be a problem with a professional supplier. In addition, if ever new innovations were to be introduced, you can be assured that it’s the professionals who can execute the new advances best!