History of Indoor Plantation Shutters

Ancient Greece

Plantation shutters were first recorded in ancient Greece. In fact, they were the first shutters to be created from natural stone, such as marble. They were used mainly to control light.

The idea of plantation shutters spread throughout the Mediterranean, as people learned of the benefits shutters could offer them. As the popularity of shutters spread, they began to be created with wood instead of marble. Wooden shutters created more flexibility in regards to design, whereas marble can be very difficult to work with as well as very costly. Most likely, when made from marble they were only attainable by the very elite!

Later, in the 18th and 19th centuries, the Spanish brought shutters to the United States, when America has been colonized by the Spanish. Because they were used in many mansions of cotton plantations, and plantation manors, and they got their name “plantation shutters.” They also became more functional and even more pleasing to the eye. They began to be used for cross-ventilation during the south’s hot summers.

Even today, plantation shutters are still changing with the times. For example they are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and can be fitted to any unique space on the interior or exterior of your home. In fact, Architectural Plantation Shutters can customize your shutters to match any design in any room of your house.

Shutters are not only the perfect decorative addition to your home, they also offer your home so many benefits, from light to air options, while increasing the value of your home!