How to Maximize Family Treasures in Your Home

home decor

One of the golden rules in design is to never allow objects to clash with each other. However, most families have heirloom pieces that they would never dream of storing away or even worse, getting rid of because of the history attached to these items. We at AP Plantation Shutters fully understand this sentiment and even conform to it ourselves. Family is family and family treasures should always get its honorable place of respect in the house if only to propagate continuity of one’s roots.
Bring them out! You’ll have tons of stories to tell your guests and children about these heirloom pieces. However, in order to give them the spotlight it deserves, we suggest these interior design styling tricks:

Go White
White is the new black- so the professionals are touting for 2017. If there you can only choose one color for your interior, choose white. White walls, white plantation shutters, and even off-white cabinets and furniture. Splash in a little bit of color through your accents like throw pillows and then display your family treasures for all to appreciate. If your family heirlooms are large pieces of furniture, then stick to a white background and a neutral palette for the accents.
Our plantation shutters are usually in white natural wood but we accept special orders on other colors. Just give us your palette and we will gladly accommodate you!

Classic or Modern Lights – Doesn’t Matter As Long as You Have it
Lighting can make or break your interior. Give it as much attention as you do the rest of the interior styling. Natural light is always the best but understandably, you also want your privacy. This is what makes plantation shutters so ideal and perfect! You can choose when to allow the light in and when to close your windows and doors to the rest of the world.

Don’t Hide, Show without the Clutter
Be proud of your heritage! There’s something permanent about a continuing blood line and one of the evidence of who you are is found in the treasures that are handed down to you. Preserve what you can and show it off! However, be careful not to over-display everything you own. You’re lucky if you have many treasures to choose from because you can create your own design cycle for every season of the year.
Finally, the second golden rule about designing a comfortable house with family treasures is to go for the inviting look. You can do this without sacrificing style by allowing a few toys to be your living room accents, precious trinkets in your dining room instead of your bedroom, and beautiful family plates in your kitchen as design pieces.