How You Can Bring a Piece of History into Your Home with Plantation Shutters

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The Deep South is known for their plantations and stately mansions with plantation wood shutters, but you can go farther back in history to the time of ancient Greece when plantation shutters were made from natural stone and fixed louvers. The link between plantation shutters in ancient Greece and the Americas are found in the Spanish who were one of the most prolific travelers in the 1400s. Interestingly, shutters were also introduced in England around the 1500s, but in direct contrast to its dignified use in Greece and plantation farms, window shutters in England were used by those who could not afford glass windows. According to history buffs, there is a rumor that slanted shutters were designed for the French King, Louis XIV, who wanted to watch women as they took their bath in the court! The word “louvre” is believed to originate from the name of the king’s palace which was located in Paris, The Louvre.

History will also reveal that plantation wood shutters were the perfect window system for tropical countries and Mediterranean countries where the summers are hot, and the winters are cool, sometimes wet. From stone, the materials used for the shutters changed to wood – a beautiful and natural earth element that is both practical, affordable, and graciously stylish.

From the 1400s to the 1700s, plantation shutters were not considered a standard design for high-end properties. They only enjoyed a spike in popularity after glass windows became more affordable and mainstream. The plantation shutters were added to the glass windows to add a layer of style at the same time, help with ventilation and privacy controls.

And now plantation shutters are becoming huge in Europe, especially in south of Spain where property owners believe that the investment will help boost the value of their property and increase its curbside appeal.

From Europe to the Americas, and then to tropical islands, plantation shutters are a global design because it was adjusted to meet every location’s needs and style. When you install plantation shutters, you get to decide how you want it to look. You can have elegant wood shutters that mimic a Greek palace, or you can have an apartment that resembles a colonial living room right in the heart of the big city!

Wooden plantation shutters offer three key benefits, namely:

  1. Excellent cross ventilation
  2. Natural light control
  3. Beauty and aesthetics

Wooden plantation shutters also provide great versatility and that essential additional layer of security without the ugliness of grills and bars.