Important Questions to Ask Before Buying Plantation Shutters

plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are the most elegant, stylish window treatment for any house, especially if they are made of gorgeous wood and crafted by a highly reputable and reliable U.S. company.

If you diligently scour the Internet before you make your choice of plantation shutter contractor, you will realize that many homeowners have suffered from their poor choice of contractor or supplier. Some of the frustrating stories from consumers include:

  • Unprofessional behavior
  • Poor communications, unreliable, or incomplete information to make a sound decision on materials and aesthetics
  • Ill-fitting shutters, wrong shade, delayed delivery and installation
  • Spiking the price after agreeing on the cost and giving bogus reasons for the new price

To avoid being a victim of mediocre companies, it is essential to ask the following questions to protect your interests and ensure that you get what you want and enjoy top quality shutters that are a perfect fit for your windows.

  1. What are your credentials and work history? It is vital to know the company background, customer reviews, and standing in the industry.
  1. What are the details of your product warranty? Don’t accept a blanket statement on warranties and guarantees. Make sure you can get these details down in a hard copy document as part of your protection.
  1. Will your designs match my existing interior/exterior windows? If not, can you customize? Plantation shutters are usually one of the focal points, especially with interior shutters. Shutters are beautiful accents but only if they match the rest of existing design.
  1. Can you honestly recommend the best wood for shutters and explain to me why it is the best? It is important to build a trusting relationship with your supplier or contractor, and this is only possible with complete honesty and no hidden agenda for the sole purpose of closing the deal. Whatever you are told, you can authenticate by doing your research.
  1. How safe are your products if used as interior window design enhancement? For instance, is the wood treated and is the paint or other finishing materials environment-friendly? You can even ask for a document or certification on the materials used – if they are earth-friendly.
  1. Can you discuss the installation process and timeline with me? Many consumers post their complaints regarding installation, which can take some time before being scheduled, especially if they are custom made. And even if the installation has started, it can also take time to finish. Furthermore, installation can be messy and if not done correctly can lead to property damage. Ask about insurance against property damage and other possible problems caused by the installation team.

For a stress-free and professional job, from your first call to the finish of installation and adherence to the warranty, select a company like Architectural Plantation Shutters, a well-respected company that offers a lifetime warranty on the most beautiful wooden shutters manufactured right here in the U.S.