October is National Energy Awareness Month

plantation shutters

In 1991, President George Bush officially named October “National Energy Awareness Month.” This was designed to inspire people to work towards managing and conserving our country’s resources. So there’s no better time for you to take steps to prepare for a more energy-efficient future.

One great way to have a more energy-efficient home is by replacing your blinds or curtains with plantation shutters.

While all plantation shutters are great home insulators, wood shutters, like the ones specially made by Architectural Plantation Shutters, do the job a little better. In addition to being good home insulators, they are also very energy efficient because they work to block the transfer of heat, and work as a barrier between your home’s interior and outside temperature, thanks to how tightly they fit in your home’s window frames.

In winter months, plantation shutters can block cold air from coming into your homes through your windows. This can make your home warmer, eliminating the need to turn the heat on. In summer months, shutters can help keep the outside heat, and harsh sunlight, from coming into your home. This may allow you take a few extra weeks before lowering the temperature on your air conditioner! Therefore, plantation shutters can help you save money on both your heating and cooling bills!

As a homeowner, there are other things you can do, too! These include: adding insulation to reduce heating and cooling costs, turn off appliances when not in use, and taking a looking at your lighting options.

Do you have any special tips to increase energy efficiency?