Plantation Shutters, Curtains, or Window Blinds?

Plantation Shutters

Stop looking for window blinds! “Home is where your story begins” is one way to look at where you live and wish that all your efforts to improve your abode enhances your story in one way or another. When planning for a new look for your home, one of the most common dilemmas involve window dressing.

The windows of a house hold the power to improve the value and aesthetics of your investment. One of the issues to figure out is whether to get plantation shutters, window blinds, or curtains. Some people start with all glass, no frills windows but most eventually decide to add some dressing because of the desire for privacy.

Here are the main differences between plantation shutters, window blinds, and curtains. Hopefully, these will help you decide.

Plantation shutters and windows blinds are very similar when you look at them but they have one major difference. With plantation shutters, you have a permanent fixture although the slats are adjustable and can be closed or left open at any angle. Window blinds can be pulled up and kept out of sight with a little design maneuvering. The slats of window blinds are also adjustable and you use a cord to roll up or bring down.

Curtains are removable window dressing and very affordable. You can change them quickly making it easy to reinvent your interior design.

All these three window dressings can accumulate dust and dirt over time. Curtains can be laundered but window blinds and plantation shutters will need manual cleaning or vacuum.

In terms of costs, curtains are the most affordable option – in the short term because while curtains are easy to find, though the maintenance can be a hassle. Furthermore, curtains can accumulate pet dander, dust, and other particles that can trigger allergic attacks especially if you have dark curtains.

Window blinds are cheaper than plantation shutters but are old school and do not improve property value as much as the shutters. Blinds also are messy compared to shutters and can be very hard to clean. Blinds also have a shorter life span than plantation shutters, not just in terms of wear and tear, but also in maintaining the look of a stylish home. Plantation shutters are classy and will never look old.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters

Aside from the reasons stated above, plantation shutters are also the wiser decision because it is the safer option. There are no cords that can be a danger with children or pets in the house and they don’t break easily.

In addition, plantation shutters enhance most exterior and interior styling. You will achieve a wonderful balance of security, adjustable lighting, style, value, design, and comfort. And your curb appeal will be incredible – as all houses with plantation shutters somehow manage to look much more impressive than houses with curtains or blinds.

Finally, if you want to soften the plantation shutters, one design idea that is trending is combining the plantation shutters with light curtains or sheer drape panels.