Plantation Shutters: Ideal for Every Room in Your Home

Top Five shutters

Perhaps one of the best things about plantation shutters is their versatility. They look great in almost every room!

Living Room

Let’s start with the living room. Because the living room is usually the room in the home where the most room is spent, it’s especially important to include the best window coverings available. Architectural Plantation Shutters can help you customize your shutters to match your living room décor. In addition, by opening or closing the louvres to different degrees, you can control the temperature and lighting of the room.

Dining Room

Another room that is perfect for plantation shutters is the dining room. Just like in the living room, the dining room is often used for entertaining, and depending on the atmosphere you are hoping to create you can darken or lighten to set the mood.

Kitchen and Bathrooms

Plantation shutters are also ideal for the kitchen, another active room in your home! When cooking, the kitchen can become very warm – this is the perfect time to close the louvres to block the sun a bit. In addition, thanks to steam and heat from cooking, kitchens and bathrooms are often filled with moisture and lots of it! The shutters at Architectural Plantation Shutters are durability and perfect for rooms with high moisture.


The bedrooms in your home can also benefit from plantation shutters. Your bedrooms may be the rooms that it are most important when controlling incoming light, especially on weekend morning hours when you want to sleep a little late! They’re also rooms you may want to keep a little cooler during hot summer months.

Call Architectural Plantation Shutters today!  We can customize your shutters with any shape, color, and size.  Whatever your décor preference, we can create the perfect shutter to enhance the look of your home.