Repair Tips for Wooden Window Shutters

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If your wood shutters begin to look old and worn down, here are some repair tips you can try. However, if you bought your shutters from AP Plantation Shutters your purchase comes with a limited lifetime warranty that may include minor repair for damages that were not personally inflicted.

For Sun-Bleached Shutters

This usually happens when your shutters are exposed to direct sunlight, year in and year out. The good news is that your shutters can be restored to their original glory, but a DIY option will require experience and a lot of time and dedication. The general steps are:

  1. Remove the shutter, which is best done one by one if you don’t have a lot of experience
  2. Remove the hardware
  3. Strip off the finish
  4. Sand the wood
  5. Apply wood stain or desired paint
  6. Finish with two coats of clear finish
  7. Allow to dry completely
  8. Install the shutter after putting the hardware back together

In all these steps, there are potential problems you may encounter.  Just to name a few: the temptation to take shortcuts, damaged hardware, lack of proper ventilation, and difficulties reinstalling the hinges.

Loose or Bad Tension Springs

Some shutters come with tension springs that are built into the shutter panels. If this is the case, you cannot replace the springs and will have to replace the entire shutter. One sign that the tension spring is the culprit is when one or more of the louvers are sagging or hanging strangely. If the tension spring is not built in, you can replace the spring by getting replacement tension springs, taking down the shutters and replacing the spring. It all sounds easy, but again, it’s best to talk to your supplier first and make sure you get the right kind of spring.

Broken Wood Louvers

Assuming the damage isn’t extensive, take down the broken louver, sand off paint if there is paint, and use wood filler to fix the damage. Wait for the filler to dry, sand and paint, then reinstall. However, if there is a sign of significant damage, the filler will not work, and you will have to replace the louver. Your supplier should have replacement louvers for this kind of situation.

There you have it! For other problems with your wooden plantation shutters, you can call Architectural Plantation Shutters and request a consultation.