Summer’s coming to the Sunshine State – Are You Ready?

shutter windows

Did you know plantation shutters are installed to improve ventilation and allow cool air to flow through the house, especially in the summer months? In Florida, plantation shutters are the preferred choice for most homeowners.

According to the 2018 Farmer’s Almanac, the temperature for Florida in April averaged 70 degrees, and the temperature will remain primarily the same for May with a few storms and shifting temperatures from cool to hot. However, last February, which is considered a winter month, the state experienced high temperatures of high 80 (almost 90s) degrees and lows of 75 degrees which were very unusual.

By August, expect the temperatures to spike to 92 degrees with lows of 76, and by September, it will remain in the high 80s to low 90s – another sizzling summer.

One way to cool down your home is to install wood plantation shutters, which you can custom order from AP Plantation Shutters, one of Florida’s most respected companies in the local shutter industry.

If you’re expected some rainfall to cool down the house, streets, and the temperature, it’s just not going to happen, according to John Mitnik of the South Florida Water Management District. “It’s hot and dry and the heart of the dry season which started last November.”

Air-conditioning is expensive, especially if kept on 24/7. In fact, heat experts suggest unplugging as many appliances as possible because anything that’s plugged into a socket is producing heat. Instead, allow for natural light which you can do with plantation shutters – and you can control the amount of light in your home!

Plantation shutters can also cool down your home by as much as an additional 15% if you keep them closed from late morning to before sunset. Of course, you can adjust the slants so your house isn’t entirely in the dark without the need to turn on artificial light. Then, if you’re going to cook in the kitchen, you can open the plantation shutters more to allow the heat of the kitchen out and cool wind to come in.

By investing in window shades, repairing damaged windows and doors, you stand a better chance of enjoying the summer heat the heat.  Stay prepared as weather professionals expect similar heat, weather and hurricane patterns in 2018 as we’ve seen in the last few years.