The Latest Trends in Interior Window Dressings for 2018

Dark wood plantation shutters

With spring and summer approaching, it’s but expected for homeowners to start thinking of ways to brighten and refresh the interior of their homes. Now, flowers and new curtains are great ideas, but it is possible to do more – much more and increase the value of your property permanently! Here are expert opinions from across the U.S. on what’s hip and hop for your home’s interior windows.

Consider Contrasts

Plantation shutters are one of the ideal window dressing statements you can choose that will enhance a room by leaps and bounds. There are two approaches to the use of contrasts with shutters:

  1. A slight contrast with the shutters blending into the window and wall colors will give the room a sense of sophistication and grace.
  2. A heavy or stark contrast is the contemporary option preferred by the younger generation because it makes a strong statement, which is indicative of the homeowner’s compelling personality.

Keep in mind that the contrast you settle on will be a focal point for anyone who enters the room. As a design element, contrast will either draw attention to the windows or away from the windows and towards the furniture, wall décor, or accents.

Natural Woods:

2018 is the year for natural wood and for excellent reasons such as:

  1. Using wood consumes less energy and leaves a lower carbon footprint compared to other materials.
  2. According to researchers, wood has psychological and physiological benefits. You will feel more productive and less stressed.
  3. The structure of wood makes it a natural insulator – and as such – wood is better than steel or aluminum because it helps cool the room and lowers heating costs.

Rustic Chic, Natural Light, Comfort, and Coziness – Top Trends for 2018

Although you can opt for faux wood plantation shutters, it just doesn’t make the grade – and anyone who comes up close to the faux shutters will know it is not real wood. With a little research and by choosing the right supplier, you won’t spend as much as you think by choosing real wood. Natural wood plantation shutters are quite affordable and an excellent investment.

Rustic is natural so if you want to stay true to this 2018 theme, it’s best to choose real wood.

2018’s Hottest Colors and Design Accents

The hottest colors for this year are blush tones and earthy colors. These colors work especially well when paired with vibrant accents. Some of the design accents selected as 2018’s trendiest include recycled and reclaimed wood barn doors for rooms like bathrooms, “snuggabble” pillows, chairs and even runners, and anything that can help save energy and improve privacy.

Architectural Plantation Shutters can help you achieve the perfect interior! Give a call or email us today and find out just how affordable it can be!