Top Maintenance Tips for Plantation Shutters

Cleaning rags for shutters

Plantation shutters especially the wooden shutters are one of the most beautiful window dressings available today. Knowing how to care for them properly will extend their lifespan and prevent early wear and tear. Fortunately, maintenance of shutters is easy and straightforward provided you handle the louvers in the right way.

Care & Maintenance

One of the most popular selling features of our plantation shutters is that, not only do they add a level of glamour and style, but the 100% acrylic painted finish is easily cleaned with a soft dust cloth or feather duster. A clean, damp terry cloth rag works well also. Regular, brief dusting as such will keep them looking good for as long as you own them.

When it comes to keeping them looking that way after a period of time has elapsed, allowing enough dirt and grime to settle on them, our wood plantation shutters can be wiped clean quickly and easily – no risk of marking or surface damage – no need for tough detergents or scrubbing. Simply use a little Windex or non wax furniture cleaner like Endust, spray it on a soft rag and simply wipe until clean. There is little risk of you damaging the appearance.

Architectural Plantation Shutters are made from the finest quality timber and components.

  • Rotate blades regularly. If blades do not stay in the position you choose, there is a #2 combination phillips/square drive adjustment screw on each side of the shutter. To increase the tension on the movement of the louvers, tighten both screws by turning slightly clockwise (about 1/10 of a revolution) until the desired resistance is achieved. Do not over tighten.
  • When bi-folding panels or if sliding as bypass, remember to close blades to prevent damage. Confirm panels in windows are properly fitted to catches or supports at all times.
  • Keep free of dust with a soft cloth.
  • NEVER use a silicon based product for cleaning your shutters.
  • Do not leave shutters wet.
  • You should receive a bit of touch up paint with your shutters. Repair damaged surfaces to prevent premature deterioration.

Architectural Plantation Shutters offers a fantastic lifetime warranty on all their wooden shutters. Part of their commitment is a water-based paint that will not crack, peel, or turn yellow. And that’s a big chunk worth taking note of because it means your AP Shutters will last longer and maintain its beautiful finish for many years with minimal maintenance.