Wood Plantation Shutters: Realtor’s Dream Accent

One large window and one small window with white plantation shutters open and overlooking a pond

Most realtors use plantation shutters as one of their top selling points when talking to buyers. According to many real estate professionals, it’s easier to sell a house with wood plantation shutters because of the high appeal these shutters have with prospective buyers.

However, don’t take these pronouncements at face value. There are real and honest testimonies from real estate brokers willing to put their reputation on the line when talking about shutters.

One Washington broker says that the curb appeal of houses with shutters increases because of the perception that it adds value to the property. Furthermore, she says, shutters have a warm and welcoming appeal and make great first and second impressions almost 100% of the time.

Other comments include these facts culled from years of selling houses as professional brokers:

  • Shutters rarely show wear and tear, and if they do, it only happens years after installation. And even with wear and tear, it is relatively easy to brighten and refresh shutters so they look like new, provided you get a professional team to handle the refurbishing and the materials used are proven and of high quality.
  • In terms of ROI, you can actually get 4x your cost if you ever decide to sell your property.
  • Houses with shutters must always be checked for broken seals and damage before being put on the market. Otherwise, the home inspector will flag down the shutters and require you to replace them prior to listing the house. By handling the repairs through your local contractor or supplier, you can lower costs of repair and not have to deal with home inspector issues.
  • Plastic shutters look great from the curb but up close, buyers tend to be turned off especially if the asking price is high.

Aside from aesthetic appeal, buyers love the idea of wood plantation shutters if the house architecture plays well with shutters. The clincher for buyers is the energy-saving feature of shutters and the idea that they can control the amount of natural light let into the rooms. Lastly, compared to drapes or blinds, shutters do not have that awful risk for children getting caught on the drawstrings of curtains or blinds.

If you are looking to improve the look of your home, increase its value, or even thinking of putting your house on the market soon, give us a call at Architectural Plantation Shutters. We will gladly come over and give you ideas on how you can improve the curbside appeal and increase property value!