Wood Shutters: Not Just for Homes

wood shutters

The first wood shutters were made in England around the time of Queen Elizabeth I. During those times, shutters were made of solid wood and used indoor as an alternative to expensive glass panes. Plantation wood shutters, on the other hand, while inspired by European shutters, originates from the United States as breezeways for grand plantation mansions. These shutters were installed both for indoor and exterior aesthetics.

With breathtaking craftsmanship and innovation, wood shutters have gone to places far beyond residential houses and plantations. It is now artistically used for commercial buildings, hotels, resorts, and places of worship. Here are some of the real life examples of where wood shutters have been able to transform buildings and create something truly innovative or magnificent.

In the protective part of Peak District Village in England, a couple built a cement structure from an old dairy farm and turned it into a super earth house that is zero carbon that will never generate utility bills. This structure uses solar panels to generate power and strong, solid wooden shutters to keep the heat in.

Across the world is a Muslim quarter in Thailand where a mosque built in 1899 was renovated to look like a European townhouse with wooden shutters. This renovation took place way back in 1934 with Romanesque pillars and a neo-classical floral theme. As one of the oldest in the city of Bangkok, this mosque is a symbol of Thai-Islamic art with French and Arabic influences.

Winner of the 2016 Cultural Architecture, Silver Award was the Louisiana Sports Hall in Natchitoches, Louisiana. This 17th century inspired building uses plantation louvers and pleated copper panels to control ventilation, light, and the view. This beautiful building was designed by Trajan Architects who were inspired by riverfront living.

Plantation wood shutters will never lose its charm or practicality. It has survived decades of new designs and styles in construction and somehow, its magnetic pull continues to be strong.

Even your old plantation shutters can be restored to its former glory or be used for interesting design styles. For instance, old shutters can be repurposed to be your entry table, jewelry organizer, wall décor, bulletin board, cabinets, or display shelves.

Thus, whether you invested in plantation wood shutters years ago or plan to install new wood shutters, know that this investment is the kind that not only creates memories and protects you, your family, and your home, wooden shutters will also always stay stylish and relevant. Just make sure to get your shutters from a reliable and professional, US company like Architectural Plantation Shutters where the workmanship is dependable and always of the topmost quality.

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